Friday, July 2, 2010

Relax guy!

A few days ago Boy Genius Report released a series of E-mails allegedly detailing a conversation between someone name "Tom" and the one and only Steve Jobs, an odd and sordid exchange that left an uneasy image in most people's minds when it came to Mr Jobs' tact with customers, My own mental image looked something like this:

In my mind he is also Canadian.

Now Apple's PR group have begun releasing statements that the E-mails are nothing more than a fabrication. Who do we believe? The biggest shadow of doubt is cast by Jobs recent actions of replying to customers, with some of his responses being posted on Tumblr.

My own thoughts on this? I am paranoid and distrustful by nature, so I envision this grand PR scheme involving Apple employees sending out E-mails (using Jobs' account) to customers in order to build better public relations.

Realistically, and more importantly, to the point? A disgruntled Apple customer attempting to embarrass the company, or maybe Jobs was having a bad day.

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